These two founded Carrick-Skills in 2016.

Christophe spends his holidays sailing boats while Edouard flies as soon as the sun comes out.

Together, they have more than 30 years in media solution integration, building a variety of solutions like a MAM, a channel traffic system, supervision systems and so on.

Their previous experience has shown complementary skills, true leadership and strong customer focus.


Carrick-Skills' team emerged out of a strong relashionship between experimented and highly motivated talents. As if they were one man, they bring Carrick-Skills a step further everyday.



Our team needs to grow. We are looking for open minded people attracted by challenge. If you understand the big picture in a second and you are enthusiastic to tackle new problems every day, just pop-in your resume. We're looking for software engineers, video experts and consultants.


Carrick-Skills builds solutions with some of the best video processing, hosting and transfering tools available in the world.

For this matter, we sometimes need experts in specific fields. If you are one of those talents and our vision fits yours, do tell us so that we call upon you when a project needs it.